What school did Alexander Mackenzie go to?

What school did Alexander Mackenzie go to?

Facing economic depression in Scotland, his father moved the family to New York City in 1774. Because of the dangers posed by the American Revolutionary War (1775–83), Mackenzie stayed with family in Johnstown in the Mohawk Valley before heading north to Montréal, where he attended school in 1778.

When did Alexander Mackenzie come to Canada?

Immigrating to North America, he entered (1779) a Montreal trading firm, which amalgamated with the North West Company, a rival of the Hudson’s Bay Company. In what is now the province of Alberta, Mackenzie and a cousin set up a trading post, Fort Chipewyan, on Lake Athabasca (1788).

What did Sir Alexander Mackenzie discover?

It read, “Alex Mackenzie, from Canada by land, 22nd July 1793.” Alexander Mackenzie had become the first white man to discover a land route across Canada to what was then called the Western Sea. Born in Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides in 1764, he moved with his father to New York following his mother’s death.

Where did Alexander Mackenzie reach the Pacific?

British Columbia
He followed this advice and reached the Pacific coast on 20 July 1793, at Bella Coola, British Columbia, on North Bentinck Arm, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean. Having done this, he had completed the first recorded transcontinental crossing of North America north of Mexico, 12 years before Lewis and Clark.

Who Killed Simon Fraser?

Timothy Murphy
Timothy Murphy (1751–1818) was an Irish American rifleman in the American Revolutionary War. At the Battle of Bemis Heights (Second Battle of Saratoga) on October 7, 1777, Murphy is reputed to have shot and killed Sir Francis Clerke, 7th Baronet and General Simon Fraser.

What happened when Simon Fraser died?

Fraser was one of the last surviving partners of the North West Company when he died on August 18, 1862. His wife died the next day, and they were buried in a single grave in the Roman Catholic cemetery at St. Andrew’s West.

What did Alexander Mackenzie do for Canada?

As prime minister, Mackenzie continued the nation-building programme that had been begun by his predecessor. His government established the Supreme Court of Canada and Royal Military College of Canada, and created the District of Keewatin to better administer Canada’s newly acquired western territories.


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